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Michael Du, the proprietor of GuwanSoucang Chinese Antiques a truly exceptional Chinese antiques collection, is a professional Chinese antiques collector. Mr. Du was born in China to a family with several generations of Chinese antique collecting history and experience.

Mr. Du has been living in Canada for 20 years and during this time has travelled extensively all around the world searching and collecting Chinese antiques. Most of the items in his Chinese antiques collection, which are displayed here on this website, come from small auction houses, flea markets, antique stores and private collectors from European and North American countries.

One of his first guiding principles is to only select antiques originating from China. Secondly, the items must be genuine and authentic; and finally, important and historical items with clear Chinese provenance. These strict standards have assuaged our customers who have purchased high quality Chinese antiques from us for over a decade. They have remained loyal and assured customers and friends.

Mr. Du’s chinese antique collection is mainly focused on:

  • Huanghuali furniture, wood, bamboo, ivory and horn carvings from the Ming and Qing dynasties
  • His chinese antiques collection also centers around ancient jade from the Hongshan and Liangzhu culture period as well as Warring states and Han dynasties
  • His bamboo and boxwood chinese antique carvings have been in high demand in recent years because of their skillful craftsmanship, ancient age and museum quality.

This website only displays a small part of Mr. Du’s Chinese Antiques collection. Potential buyers can contact the owner for price discussions. By reviewing this website carefully, you will find some very unique and interesting items not found anywhere else. True value lies in uniqueness and rareness!

Through this website not only have we sold many items to our customers but we have also forged long lasting friendships, all the while exchanging culture and information, with collectors all over the world!


本古玩网站及所登录藏品的拥有人MICHAEL 杜先生是海外业余中国古玩收藏者。

杜先生在加拿大生活了二十多年,并在这期间花费大量时间和精力往来世界各国,在每个角落寻找和收购流散国外的中国古玩珍品。 在他的大量藏品中,有绝大部分收购于欧美各国的中小拍卖行,跳蚤市场,古玩商店及私人家庭。杜先生对藏品的挑选和收购有着自己的严格标准。首先,所有藏品无论价值高低,都必须来自中国;其次,所有藏品必须保证是真品,真老;对于高价值的精品,一定要来路清楚,传承有序。

杜先生主要致力于明清黄花梨,紫檀家具,高级别的历代竹木牙角雕件和 汉代以前的高古玉器的收藏。其中很多馆藏级别的黄杨木雕件,竹雕件成为近年来买家争相购买的热门藏品。

Robert Gagne先生是杜先生多年的合作伙伴,是加拿大知名的中国古玩猎头。GAGNE 先生是出生在加拿大的法国后裔,其祖辈从1900年代就开始了中国古玩收集保护活动。在过去的二十年间,GAGNE先生与杜先生密切合作,积极在欧美国家寻找早年八国联军参与者的家属及后裔,并从他们手中收购了大量当年从中国运出来的古玩珍品。





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