Ming dynasty Agarwood carving #1491

明代沉香雕人物山子摆件。 原配紫檀底座,高22厘米,宽20厘米。Ming dynasty agarwood carving table display, original Zitan stand, 22cm tall, 20cm wide.

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Ming dynasty Huanghuali Brushpot #1490

明代黄花梨大笔筒,高22厘米。Huanghuali brushpot from Ming dynasty. 22cm tall.

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明代黄花梨雕观音Ming Huanghuali Kuanyin#1417

Ming Huanghuali vividly carved Kuanyin who can bring good luck to anyone who owns her at home or office. It’s about 100cm tall, very heavy, with thick patina.明代黄花梨雕观音,高约一米,非常重,一实心黄花梨木雕成,包浆厚实,十分少见。

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Ming dy Huanghuali carving Zhuge (1324)

Tall about 38cm, wide about 11cm, thick about 10cm

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Boxwood scholar box (1307)

黄杨木雕文人盖盒 (1307)

A very delicately carved boxwood box in lotus shape from Ming dynasty. It is 7.8cm wide and 3.3cm tall.


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Boxwood carving Liuhai – 黄杨木雕刘海 (1304)

Boxwood carving Liuhai (1304)

This is very highly skilled carving boxwood Liuhai from Qing dynasty. It is about 11cm tall and 9cm wide.


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Ming boxwood carving Babao Bowl (No:1012)已让藏

Very rare boxwood carving babao bowl from Ming dynasty.Beautiful patina,museum quality.It is 7cm tall, the top rim is 11.5cm in diameter.

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Ming Zitan carving Damo (No:1118)

This is a huge piece of Zitan carving from Ming dynasty. The color has changed into dark dark brown, almost black if you don’t look under the right light due to the ages. It is 19cm tall, 14cm wide and 11cm thick, very heavy. Hard to find such a big solid Zitan item.


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Ming Boxwood carving Monk (No:1046)

Boxwood carving monk from Ming dynasty. It is 24cm tall, 9.5cm wide and 8.5cm thick.


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Qing Zitan carving Skinny Luohan (NO:1056)

Zitan wood carving skinny Luohan from Qing dynasty. Due to ages, the wood color has changed into dark brown, almost black which is the character of Zitan wood. It is 13cm tall,9cm wide and 8cm thick.


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Ming Boxwood carving Buddhist (NO:1057)

A very vivid boxwood carving buddhist on stool from Ming dynasty. It is 16cm tall, 9cm wide and 7.5cm thick.


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Ming Huanghuali carving scholar (NO:1058)

Huanghuali wood carving scholar from Ming dynasty. It is 20cm long,11cm tall and 9cm wide.

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Ming Huanghuali Pixiu (NO:1059)

Very high quality (museum quality)Huanghuali carving Pixiu from Ming dynasty.Beuatiful color, grains and patina. It is 31cm long, 14cm tall and 7cm wide. A real gem!

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Minguo Sandalwood buddha statue (NO:1075)


This is big high grade Sandalwood carving Big Belly Buddha from Minguo period. It is 23cm tall, 12cm wide and 9cm thick.Great smell!

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Huge Qing Huanghuali Brushpot (NO:1076)


Huanghuali Brushpot in natural shape from late Qing dynasty.It is huge and heavy, great color and grains. It is 24cm tall, 20cm for the widest part.

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Ming Huanghuali carving table display (NO:1079)

Huanghuali carving pine tree and mountain table display from Ming dynasty.Very beautiful color and patina with highly carving skill. It is 34cm wide and 17cm tall.

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Minguo Boxwood Carving Kuanyin (NO:1088)

Boxwood carving Kuanyin from late Qing or Minguo period. It is 9.5cm tall, 7.5cm wide and 3cm thick.

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Ming dynasty Boxwood Carving Scholar (NO:1093)

Very finely boxwood carving scholar statue from Ming dynasty. Beautiful color and patina due to hundreds of years. Museum quality without any defects. It is 24cm tall, 7cm wide and 5cm thick.

明代黄杨木雕文人像.颜色及胞浆非常漂亮.馆藏级品质,无任何缺陷. 高24厘米,宽7厘米,厚5厘米.

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Ming Dynasty Boxwood Carving (NO:1098)

This is a boxwood carving 3 immortals drinking. The wood color has changed into dark brown with very thick and beautiful patina. It is about 65cm long, very huge and heavy.

明早期黄杨木雕三仙对饮。由于年代久远,木色已变成深棕色, 葆浆非常漂亮。长65厘米,很大很重。

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Qing Dynasty Huanghuali Wood Carving Damo (NO:1100)

This is a very delicate carved Damo from one piece of huanghuali wood, beautiful patina. It is about 60cm tall,15cm wide.


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Song Dy Wood Carving Budha Head (NO:1102)

宋代木雕佛头 (稀有)
This is a very rare wood carving Budha head from Song dynasty. The craftsmanship is superb. The wood covered with many layers of lacquer as well as gild. It is 38cm tall, bigger than a real mature man’s head.


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Ming boxwood carving Tieguaili (NO:1114)

This is a very delicate boxwood carving Luohan from Ming dynasty, with beautiful color and patina. It is 27cm tall, 9cm wide and 8cm thick.

明代黄杨木雕铁拐李. 高27厘米,宽9厘米,厚8厘米. 雕工精湛,胞浆非常漂亮.

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Boxwood carving Skinny Luohan (Ming) (NO:1115)

A very highly skilled boxwood carving Luohan from Ming dynasty, with beautiful color and patina. It is 23cm tall, 15cm wide and 14 cm thick.


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