Ming Shell carving Village Scene (No:1054)

This is a very rare shell carving from Ming dynasty. Never seen on one piece of shell carved with over 30 people, houses, river, trees, boats, as well as different village living scenes. The craftmanship is really superb. It is about 25cm wide and 25cm tall.

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Ebony wood carving Guangong waist pendant (NO:1074)


This is a very highly skilled ebony wood carving Guangong pendant hanging on waist.Vivid and detailed floating carving of Guangong on running horse with mark.The pendant is 9cm tall, and 6cm wide,1cm thick.

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Ming Huanghuali Vase (NO:1077)


A very beautiful chinese huanghuali vase for display from Ming dynasty. Great color and patina. It is 11cm tall, 8cm wide for the widest part, and 4cm thick.


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Ming Rosewood carving with Silver 8 immortals (NO:1080)

This is a very rare rosewood carving table display with 8 silver immortals and one God of life from Ming dynasty. It is in excerlent condition with museum quality.It is 22cm tall, and 15cm wide at the bottom.

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Qing Boxwood Seal (NO:1083)

Boxwood seal carved with two tigers. It is 6.5cm tall, and 2.5cm square.

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Ming boxwood carving handle (NO:1086)

Boxwood handle carved with two dragons in clouds from Ming dynasty. It is 28cm long.
明代黄杨木雕甩子把,雕两条龙在云中嬉戏。 长28厘米。

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Ming Boxwood carving Scent Box (NO:1087)

Very beautiful, museum quality boxwood scent box from Ming dynasty. This type of thing was used by women with scented material inside the box. From the pictures you can see there two caps can be removed from the main body. The color and patina has become amber like shinny and glowing. Very rare item! It is 9cm long, 5.5cm wide and 3.5cm thick with two caps on.
非常罕见的明代黄杨木雕香盒。颜色及胞浆呈琥珀状,光滑,闪亮。两个盖都可以拿下。 长9厘米,宽5.5厘米,带盖厚3.5厘米,全品。

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Song Dy Wood Carving Budha Head (NO:1102)

宋代木雕佛头 (稀有)
This is a very rare wood carving Budha head from Song dynasty. The craftsmanship is superb. The wood covered with many layers of lacquer as well as gild. It is 38cm tall, bigger than a real mature man’s head.


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Zitan Tea Container (NO:1106)

This is a very unique tea container from Qing dynasty, made of Zitan and metal. It is 16cm long, 6.5cm wide and 6.5cm thick.


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